Why host with ISP4RENT?

In addition to the ample allowances for both data storage and bandwidth each package comes with;

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
  • We arrange for an automated database backup for your site daily
  • Upgrade Paths - so that you can increase your package as your requirements increase with easy
  • Pay in advance and receive amazing discounts. Our flexible advanced payment packages to help you save.
    eg. Pay for 10months now and receive 2 months free. That is correct, if you pay now you only pay for 10 months and get 12 months usage.

ISP4RENT is proud to offer fully compatible and robust Elgg and Pligg Hosting. We meet all the requirements needed in order for you to run your Elgg or Pligg Community Software site!

Both web hosting plans are 100% ELGG and PLIGG compatible, come with a 30 day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7/365 support with typical response times of 15min or less. If you ever have any questions you can speak with a Live Chat representative or email us at your convenience.

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We will help you with your design and implementation

Elgg and Pligg are both open-source frameworks for creating large and small social networks. They provide the basic structure and building blocks that make up any social network. They include an extensible plug-in engine that allows developers to add custom functionality and integrate with other platforms. Out of the box, both Elgg and Pligg come with an extensive array of features, including: user dashboards and profiles, an event manager, groups, discussion forums, photo, file and video galleries, wall and activity feeds, twitter feeds and much more.

You can adjust their system to meet your needs or we can do it for you as part of our Elgg / Pligg development services

We offer the following Elgg / Pligg and services

  • Design, layout and themes
  • Custom plug-in development and configuration
  • Integrations and mash-ups with other applications and API
  • Hosting and hosted packages
  • Migration and upgrades
  • Code refactoring and performance improvements
  • Consulting and security auditing
  • Support

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Demonstration sites

You can sign up for an account on either of our demo social networks

Elgg Demonstrations site http://www.isp4rent.biz/Demo/elgg

Pligg Demonstration site http://www.isp4rent.biz/Demo/Pligg/  

Useful elgg Links

·         Elgg Themes

·         Elgg Support Forum

·         Elgg Plugins

Useful Pligg Links

·         Pligg Support Forums http://forums.pligg.com/

·         Customise your Pligg Site http://www.pligg.com/pro/

Have a site and would like to move to ISP4RENT ... No problem! We are here to help you.

At ISP4RENT we provide free file, e-mail & transfer services. We can transfer your entire website from your current host within 24 hours or less at no additional cost to you!

Our support team will move your data free of charge & ensure you have no downtime* throughout the entire transfer.

* 99.9% guaranteed uptime

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Own your very own Social Network!

You could be the next big network... niche specialisation is what it is all about.

Privacy Protection and Income potential!

 Recent medium has highlighted concerns about privacy on social networks. Even governments around the world have called for action as the subject has infuriated members, businesses and media alike.

Businesses are now rightfully concerned about the spread of data on Facebook.  Over the past few years Facebook pages have become enormously popular with businesses as they are an easy entry point into social media.  But many companies are now looking for more secure social media solutions as privacy and data ownership has swung into the spotlight

We consider privacy and data ownership a critical part of our service. With one of our social network packages you always own your and your members content. We only have one client and that is you. You determine who is a member and how much of your members details are shared with others? You can export it anytime and take it anywhere you want, we will never sell your data to anyone. Don’t put yourself in the hands of others, sized upon the opportunity to create, manage and run your own social networking site. Through advertising and charging for services you could even turn yourself into the next Internet Entrepreneur. 

Don’t know where to start? No problem we are here to guide you.

Simply select the base software package to start with your site from. Then choose a name and let us know and within 24 hours you will be operational. That is right you will be ready to start building your very own private social network. It is just that simple, so why wait? Seize the moment and take back your privacy and protect the privacy of those around you.

We have selected two well known and proven scripts upon which to base your new social site. Either Elgg or Pligg will get you started.

You can add your own games, news feeds and videos to provide the content you want to deliver. We even have customisation services to assist your create the look and feel that you require.

With open social connections you will still be able to communicate and share with your friends in other social networks like Facebook and Twitter but you will be able to do so in the privacy and security of your own community.

Numerous free and paid plugins are available from numerous third party suppliers, installation is of third party plugins is available on request. You do not have to be alone we are here to help you.

Either elgg or pligg can be setup on the domain of your choice (subject to availability) and be ready to accept your friends and family for only $39.90 (domain name registration is extra) including the first month’s basic hosting services. Hosted is available on a flexible and expandable plan starting from as little as $9.95 per month for (5,000MB bandwidth and 1,000MB of data storage) or for $15.95 for our Platimum plan(8,000MB bandwidth and 1,000MB of data storage).  As and when you network expands and need more pace and / or more bandwidth we will be here with our easy upgrade agreements to accommodate your needs. The sky is the limit ... we can even provided dedicated servers.

 Elgg Highlighted features

  • User Controls – Closely manage your network's privacy settings.
  • Profiles - Elgg comes with default profile fields that can be extended or completely customized by the site administrator. You can link to other users and/or resources through your profile.
  • Activity Streams - The granular activity stream feature ensures you keep up to date with all site activity.
  • Blogging / Microblogging - Blogging and microblogging functionality that is both powerful, yet simple to use.
  • Pages - Create documents collaboratively with full control over read and write access.
  • RSS / JSON - All content - such as blog posts, activity streams and group discussions - is available in both RSS and JSON formats.
  • Widgets - Add widgets to user profiles.
  • Video - Search for your favourite videos on services such as YouTube and add them to your Elgg video gallery.
  • Social bookmarking - Share your web resources with others in your company, group or course.
  • Groups - Collaborate around specific topics via public, private or hidden groups.
  • Access controls - Control who can access your content.
  • Web Services API - Expose functionality through the REST API by building a plugin and either publish the API for other developers to build clients, or provide your own.
  • Documents - Upload and share documents with the rest of your network. 
  • Photo Gallery - Using the powerful Tidypics plugin, let your users create their own photo galleries.
  • Customizable & Extensible - Elgg includes a variety of themes and an assortment of plugins
  • Multiple Views - Allows for traditional web browser views as well as mobile applications and embeddable widgets.

Pligg  - The Social Networking CMS

Pligg is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that provides social networking software that encourages visitors to register on your website so that they can submit content and connect with other users. With Pligg you can create websites where stories are created and voted on by members, not website editors. Use Pligg content management system to start your own social networking community in minutes.  

Pligg Highlighted Features

    *         Groups allow users to share articles with other members who share a common interest in a topic. Join a group to submit topical articles that other members would be interested in. Some groups may require membership approval before you become a member.

    *         Private Messaging - A social network site isn't very social without the ability to communicate with each other. We included a private messaging module with Pligg, so that you can send your friends a message that they can respond to.

    *         Advanced Comment System - Not only can you comment on articles, but you can rate comments posted by other users. This affects the way that the comments are displayed, putting higher quality comments on top where they belong.

    *         User Profiles - Each user that signs up on a Pligg site gets their own profile page where they can change their settings, send personal messages, add an avatar, make friends and other great features.

    *         Module System - Add additional functionality to your Pligg site without having to alter the Pligg code. There is already a large library of modules to choose from that will greatly enhance your Pligg site. Check out the free modules by creating a forum account.

    *         Smarty Templates - We use the Smarty template system to keep our code separate from the design. This makes updating your site to the latest version of Pligg easier, and designing new templates a breeze. View free templates listed on the forum.

    *         Easy Upgrades - Upgrades are easy with Pligg’s module and template orientated systems. Since you don't need to edit any of the "core" files, the upgrade process is simple and fast.

    *         RSS Feeds - We're big fans of using RSS feeds to follow the latest news from our favourite sites and that's why we have added RSS functionality all over Pligg. You can subscribe to a user's voting trends, the front page, upcoming page and categories.

    *         SEO Enhanced - We've done our best to help drive more traffic to your site by being as search engine friendly as possible. Our SEO methods will help get your site indexed faster and more often.

    *         Multiple Languages - Users choose an installation language during the first step of creating a Pligg site. Become a translator and have your language added to the list by joining the Pligg Translator Group.

Create you own social network today!

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